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I hope and pray that every stage and platform I stand on declares the goodness of the Creator of the Universe. That each individual under the sound of my voice both knows and feels the importance and the purpose of their own life. That the music I write would both free and inspire those that hear it, inviting light and life into the dark places they have walked through. To bring healing and love into the pieces of the listener that they have thought unworthy in the past. To declare the sweet and reckless love of the God of the universe in every area and every note that I sing. 

- AH

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More About

Abigail Hope is a 20 year old author of two self-published books, and an aspiring singer/songwriter. She's released an EP titled, "Alone in my Thoughts", which is available on all streaming platforms. Her life-long dream is to write and perform songs that anyone can relate to, but simultaneously point back to Jesus. She does this by storytelling in her lyrics about things she's gone through. For more, subscribe to her youtube channel, follow her on instagram, and sign up for her email newsletter! 

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